About Us

Thanks so much for your interest
 Bridging the Gap Promotions !
Where we help bridge the gap between readers and writers!
As writers ourselves, we understand how hard
it is to find the time to market your book. 
 If this is you then we'd love to help!
We offer Book Review scheduling and affordable cover advertising if you are interested.  We will also be doing a little bit of promo, spotlights/interviews/cover reveals and such.

At the moment, our main genre is Romance.  We accept just about every sub-genre of Romance as well but if you have a question about one in particular, please just give us a shout!  
Here at Bridging the Gap, we not only offer Book Reviews set up & Promotion...we also have self-publishing services available.  Freelance editors and such on board makes a one-stop shop for all your publishing needs.
Make sure you check out all we have to offer!