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Wanted:  Tour Hosts
Thank you in advance for your interest in being a tour host for 
Bridging the Gap Promotions

We accept Romance and just about any sub-genre of Romance.

Our guidelines are simple...

  We definitely don't ask that the post be top on your blog, w are not strangers to overbooking :)
 As long as we have the link to the post, we can pass it along to the author and put
 it into our tour schedule so it can be shared.
 Once your day to post has arrived, we would like to have all posts go live by 8:00am. 
 If for some reason you cannot post or will just be late posting, we do understand  that
normal life gets in the way, just please shoot us an email so we may let the author know.  
Signing up for a tour and then  not posting only makes you and BtG PR look bad. 

If you are scheduled for a future date and you know you will not be able to
 keep that date, the more notice you give us the better it will be for everyone
 involved.  This includes Reviews.  We all know reviews are important to authors,
as well as any book promo so please try your best to post.

  Please promote your post once it goes live, it is most appreciated.
 If you tag us in your twitter posts, @BridgGapPR, we will gladly retweet for you.

Please use the form below to sign up.

Bridging the Gap will email you within 48 hours after you submit.

 If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us here
or send an inquiry to
We'd be glad to give you all the details :)