Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Tour for SAVED BY THE BANG by Marina Julia Neary

Bridging the Gap Promotions presents...

(A Nuclear Comedy)
Marina Julia Neary

Historical Fiction/Dark Humor, 206 pgs
An Autobiographical novel featuring adventures of an artistic Central European family in light of a nuclear disaster

Welcome to 1980s Belarus, where Polish denim is the currency, “kike” is a pedestrian endearment, and a second-trimester abortion can be procured for a box of chocolates. Antonia Olenski, a catty half-Jewish professor at the Gomel Music Academy, wavers between her flamboyant composer husband, Joseph, and a chivalrous tenor, Nicholas. The Chernobyl disaster breaks up the love triangle, forcing Antonia into evacuation with her annoying eight-year-old daughter, Maryana. After a summer of cruising through Crimean sanatoriums and provoking wounded Afghan veterans, Antonia starts pining for the intrigues and scandals of the Academy. When the queen of cats finally returns home, she finds that new artistic, ethnic, and sexual rivalries have emerged in the afterglow of nuclear fallout. How far will Antonia go to reclaim her throne?

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